Environment and Water Matter!

A Research Colloquium and Workshop Series
School of the Environment and the Water and Environmental Sustainability Research Hub (WES-Hub)


Professor Richard Aspinall

Chief Executive and Director of Research
Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen, UK
CRICOS No: 00114A

Land Use and Ecosystem Assessment

Professor Aspinall will present the process and findings of an ecosystem assessment for Scotland, developed as part of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (published in March/April 2011). The UK NEA is framed around biodiversity, ecosystems and broad habitats, and provides a synthesis of the goods and services provided by Scotland’s environmental systems over the last 70 years. He will discuss the recorded changes to ecosystem services in Scotland
documented in the UK NEA within the context of land systems. Land systems provide a framework for ecosystem assessment that explicitly includes the roles of human systems, including technologies and societal choices, in delivery of ecosystem services and benefits. This not only complements biodiversity-based understanding of ecosystem goods and services but also provides different insights into human-environmental interactions that have an impact on ecosystem goods and services and human well-being. Professor Aspinall will argue that land systems: provide a broader and more informative framework for understanding ecosystem services than ecosystems (defined by habitats); support the interdisciplinary syntheses necessary to resolve many of the questions associated with ecosystem assessment; and can help to understand the links between drivers of change and human and environmental systems’ responses with implications for decisions on environmental management.

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Wednesday, 20 April, at 3.00-4.30pm

Room 5, Science Innovation & Learning Centre (SILC)

Building 52, off Physical Sciences Road, Car parks 9 or 15 - parking fees apply - www.flinders.edu.au/map
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