Living Laboratory 19th of July 2007

Available material:

“Natural resources management decision-making is complex as a result of the interdependencies between biophysical, social and economic systems. Changes in water or biodiversity management regimes, for example, can have subsequent effects on the economic well being of regional communities and the values, attitudes and behaviours of local actors. How can policy makers and land managers make informed NRM decisions in light of this complexity? Integrated landscape science and management (Landscape Science) is an emerging field of enquiry that endeavors to understand the complexity of NRM systems across a landscape through the application of multi-disciplinary tools and processes. There are a number of landscape science case studies underway or nearing completion and now is an opportune time to review the key findings of such investigations and to critically review the next steps from academic, policy and land manager perspectives...”

Presentations By:

  • Andrew Fisher & Chris Raymond(DWLBC) : Workshop purpose, context and objectives– Champions
  • Fraser MacLeod (DWLBC) : The possible policy implications of integrated landscape science and management
  • Stephanie Williams (CNRM) : The role of the CNRM in Integrated Landscape Science
  • Wayne Meyer (UoA) : The vision for integrated landscape science and management in SA
  • John Berger (Retired Farmer) : Local barriers to acceptance and adoption of Landscape Science (n/a)
  • Brett Bryan (CSIRO) : Case study 1: Lower Murray Landscape Futures Phase 1
  • Neville Crossman (CSIRO) : Case study 2: The impact of climate change on biodiversity in theMt Lofty Ranges
  • Sebastien Lamontagne (CSIRO) : Case study 3: Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth programme
  • Mark Lethbridge (Flinders Uni) : Case study 4: Optimal Reconstruction of Altered Habitat (n/a)


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