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Prepared by Wayne Meyer 
“Current trends in the condition of South Australia’s natural resources show that, while some improvements are occurring, the condition of our natural resources is declining due to increasing pressures of agricultural intensification, urbanisation, invasive species and climate change.
The State Strategic Plan, NRM Plan and South Australian Natural Resource Management Act 2004 provide the overarching guidance and delivery mechanisms for halting the decline in the condition of the State’s natural resources. NRM reform has resulted in the division of the State into 8 regions charged with planning and managing natural resources within each of their jurisdictions.
Central to NRM planning is the concept of integration which is embedded in the goals of the State NRM Plan. Achieving these goals raises a series of challenges for the NRM Council, NRM Boards and State Agencies. Not least is the challenge of landscape scale integrated management in the face of limited financial, human and technological resources. What is required is:
·       Robust legislative and institutional arrangements for the administration of NRM and plans that comply with intentions, and;
·       An information base that is current, valid and relevant; and the physical and human resources for planning, implementing and monitoring.
South Australia is well placed in regard to the first requirement above. This document proposes a case for integrated landscape science that will deliver on the second requirement...”


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